Saturday, September 6, 2008

A city in Northeast Ohio, home of the Indians, the Cavs, the Browns, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, University Circle, and many other interesting places, teams, and people.
The city is also home to Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University, as well as the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) and the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra.

Cleveland itself is a medium city as cities go, definitely not as huge as, say, New York.
Cleveland proper is the actual city. But Cleveland is surrounded by many inner and outter-ring suburbs, which together comprise the Greater Cleveland Area.
Though poverty, race relations, and corruption are all big problems for the city, it does have a lot of average, normal people, just like anywhere else, and therein lies it's salvation.
It also has a pretty good arts scene and really weird weather.
You know you're from Cleveland, OH if:
-You know the lake isn't on fire anymore.
-You ever skipped school, work, or whatever to go celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
-You like pierogies, kielbasa, or bratwurst.
-You can spell "Cuyahoga", and do so on a regular basis.
-You're used to weird weather.
-You're an Indians fan.
-You were torn over whether to support the Steelers or Seahawks in Super Bowl XL ('06)
-You've heard of "the Drive", "The Fumble", and all those other great tragic moments in Cleveland Sports History.
-You know about the Cleveland Spiders.
-You're still mad at Baltimore.
-Art Modell is synonymous with "traitor".
-You know the words to "Cleveland Rocks." (last one optional)