Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Only 3 more shows to catch the robotic mayhem in "Heddatron"!!!

Only 3 more shows to catch the robotic mayhem in "Heddatron"!!!

Written by Elizabeth Meriwether
Directed by Jeremy Paul

"Heddatron" is the story of a pregnant housewife who is kidnapped by robots and taken to the Amazon rainforest where she is forced to perform Henrik Ibsen's 'Hedda Gabler' over and over again. Meanwhile, her family plans a rescue attempt and back in 1890, Ibsen struggles to write a new play. Intelligent, funny and surprisingly poignant, "Heddatron" includes the only human-robot musical number on Cleveland stages this year.

April 17 - May 3, 2009
Fri, Sat @ 8pm
Sun @ 3pm*
Monday, April 20 @ 8pm
*except Sunday, April 26 @ 7pm

Pilgrim Congregational Church
Main Theater
2592 West 14th St.
Cleveland OH 44113

Tickets are only $10-$15. Call 216-539-0662 to reserve your tickets or buy them Online.

Heddatron is contains adult language and historical inaccuracies. Parental discretion is advised...

Amy Bistok Bunce - Jane Gordon
Una Hanley - Nugget Gordon
Peter Nalepa - Rick Gordon
Doug Kusak - Cubby Gordon
Stuart Hoffman - The Film Student/Aunt-Julie-bot
Allen Branstein - Henrik Ibsen
Kelly Elliott - Mrs. Ibsen
Faye Hargate - Else the Maid
Scott Skiba - August Strindberg
Michael Andrews-Hinders - Hans the robot
Sarah Kunchik - Billy-bot
Michael Regnier - The Engineer
Emily Pucell - Stindberg's Monkey