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5th Annual Asterisk Gallery Xmas Auction/Sale

5th Annual Asterisk Gallery Xmas Auction/Sale - still seeking donations

Benefit for Asterisk Gallery

Come Help Support Cleveland Art

Find that perfect Xmas gift for that hard to shop for person. Dana L. Depew and other Cleveland artists have donated countless works of art.
The opening bid on ALL pieces starts at a mere $30.
This is a great opportunity to obtain great art at a great price and help support Asterisk Gallery. All proceeds from this event go directly to keeping
the gallery open to the public and to help subsidize future events.
2 day event

Silent Bidding begins Friday Dec 11, 5-10pm

and ends Sat Dec 12, 6-11pm

Auction is over at 11pm sharp on Sat

Charles Wince

Dana L. Depew

Dan Morgan

Lisa Kenion

Joe Fruce

Matt Dibble

Glass Bubble Project

Brandon Juhasz

George Kocar

Ann Bralliar

Yvonne Bakale

Jeff Yost

Chris Kaspar

Mary Hughes

Joshua Rex

Bob Peck

John Howitt

Sunia Boneham

Craig Lucas

Dana Oldfather

James March

Mark Yasenchack

Deborah U. Steytler

Michelle Murphy

Matt Bartel

Tom Bartel

Linda Herman

Dominic Falcione

Carol Hummel

Liz Maugans

Wes Johansen

Gadi Zamir

Jason Byers

Paul Sydorenko

Kam Hayes

Jody Hawk

Thom Rossino

Stephe DK

Mark Slankard

Terry Clark II

Marc Keffer

Bridget Ginley

Tim Herron

Sarah Sutton

Steven B. Smith

Joan of Art

Miss Melvis

Zachary Hart Baker

Michael Dee

Daiv Whaley

Don King

Laila Voss

Bruce Edwards

Arabella Proffer

Kirk Mangus

Derek T. Hambly

KRK Ryden
And many many more

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Asterisk Benefit - seeking donations

Hello - it is the time of the year where I beg and plead with artists to donate a work of art for Asterisk's annual Dec benefit - if you would be willing to donate a small work for the event - Ideally, I would like a piece from each artist that particiapated in an Asterisk event in the past year as well as any other artist who wanted to doante a work - this will be a showcase of the past years exhibition and would help subsidize the next years events.

thank you for the consideration



Asterisk Gallery - 5th Annual benefit - seeking donations

5th Annual Asterisk Gallery Xmas Auction/Sale

Benefit For Asterisk Gallery

Come Help Support Cleveland Art

Find that perfect Xmas gift for that hard to shop for person. Dana L. Depew and other Cleveland artists have donated countless works of art.

The opening bid on ALL pieces starts at a mere $30.

This is a great opportunity to obtain great art at a great price and help support Asterisk Gallery. All proceeds from this event go directly to keeping

the gallery open to the public and to help subsidize future events.

2 day event

Silent Bidding begins Friday Dec 11, 5-10pm

and ends Sat Dec 12, 6-11pm

Auction is over at 11pm sharp on Sat

Asterisk Gallery

2393 Professor Ave – Tremont


Zygote's next WIP Session is on Sunday, November 15th from 1-3pm

Zygote's next WIP Session is on Sunday, November 15th from 1-3pm Anyone interested in signing up for this session there are a few spaces available. It is first-come first serve. Please contact Liz at This program is geared for the artists who are disconnected from the critical feedback that is offer...ed at the university level. This is open to all visual artists working in any discipline. All of the sessions will be held at Zygote Press. These sessions are all free. 8 limit with 15 minutes of floor time. Dana Depew who runs Asterisk Gallery in Tremont will be our faciliatator.

All our welcome to come and sit in on these sessions and hear the dialogue. Hope to see you there.

Friday, November 6, 2009

John Ryan at William Rupnik TONIGHT

William Rupnik Gallery is proud to present:

An exhibition by John Ryan
Mug Shots and Millionaires

November 6 - November 22, 2009

Opening reception 7-10 pm Friday, November 6, 2009

Mug Shots and Millionaires, a new solo exhibit by John Ryan, features works that poke fun at our lifestyles, our environment and the idiosyncratic stuff that makes us all seem a bit bizarre. Incorporating his vivacious sense of humor, John creates portrait and conversational pieces that are spontaneous and rawly modern. Working rapidly and prolifically using acrylic and house paints, pencil and found objects, he focuses on his combination of color and fabric within his arrangements. Each piece differs but remains a rudimentary and spirited emotional response inspired by pop culture and satire, growth and dissolution.

Have you ever suddenly realized that you unconsciously believe a stereotype?

Have you ever suddenly realized that you unconsciously believe a stereotype?

Join the discussion about unconscious prejudicial thoughts. Elizabeth Emery is looking for your participation in her art project the nurse and the police officer showing at Spaces Gallery from November 20, 2009 to January 15, 2009.

Submit anonymously your written story to (No names or emails will be associated with the stories, but to remain completely anonymous, feel free to email from a free new gmail account.)

The SPACELab site states:

Sculptor Elizabeth Emery (Cleveland Heights) uses a variety of materials, colors and textures to address social practices, feminism, and issues of power. In SPACELab, she has recorded interviews on discrimination and racism with Clevelanders from all walks of life. the nurse and the police officer allows visitors to challenge their own prejudices while openly listening to those of their neighbors.

Submit your story anonymously.

Or come to an interview session.

Hear or read other people’s stories.

Visit to find out more about the project

Elizabeth Emery

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Theater Ninjas construct “A Proper Murder”

Contact: Jeremy Paul, Theater Ninjas
(440) 773-4719

October 7, 2009

Theater Ninjas construct “A Proper Murder”
Georg Büchner’s classic story of ‘Woyzeck’ comes to Tremont

CLEVELAND, OH – Theater Ninjas return with “A Proper Murder”, Georg Büchner's classic play ‘Woyzeck’ brought to life at Asterisk Gallery in Tremont. Equal parts epic drama and dark comedy, dream-world and slice-of-life, Theater Ninjas' production of "A Perfect Murder" is an exciting chance to see one of the greatest modern tragedies ever written. “A Proper Murder” follows a poor soldier trying to scrape together a living for his family. Beaten down by life, he is driven over the brink into madness by his lover’s infidelity. The play was unfinished when Büchner died in 1837 and lost for almost 40 years. Since its re-discovery, it has been hailed as the first ‘proletarian tragedy’ and transformed into multiple operas, films and musicals. The kick-off show of Theater Ninjas’ fourth season, “A Proper Murder” is partially funded by a grant from the Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Fund.

Theater Ninjas was founded in 2006 and performs original works and interpretations emphasizing accessible stylistic experimentation, drawing on elements of physical theater, film, improv comedy, dance, and graphic novels. The Ninjas also offer a chance for up-and-coming artists to develop their craft while providing affordable experiences that entertain, provoke and excite the next generation of Clevelanders.

More information and tickets are available at

“A Proper Murder”
October 29 – November 21, 2009
Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 8pm
Sunday – 3pm
Monday, November 9 & 16 – 8pm
*No Show Friday, November 13

Tickets: $10-$15. Wear a costume Halloween night and tickets are just $5!



Facilitator: SPACES
Friday, October 23, 6:00–8:00 p.m.
Join us as we bid fond farewell to our alma mater with a grab-bag of activities and forums. Academy participants and the general public are invited to participate in The Paradigm Race. Visitors will be encouraged to test their wits and stamina in a fun, friendly, physical, and theoretical debate. The last-standing competitor able to pontificate on random topics while engaged in physical exertion earns an honorary (although useless) doctorate from The Plum Academy. All alumni and the public are welcome!
Cost: FREE, no pre-registration required

Repair Shop Closing Auction
Friday, October 23, 2009, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Peruse the re-pairs/re-creations of SPACELab artist Mark Moskovitz this Friday, between 6:00–8:00 p.m. at SPACES. During the closing of Moskovitz's Repair Shop, the artist will host a silent auction consisting of "repaired objects" brought in by gallery visitors and left to the artist's discretion. With the owner's permission, Moskovitz had the option of repairing the object to its original condition or altering the object aesthetically. Visitors then pay for repairs or the modified art object or relinquish the object to the artist for auction. Proceeds will be split between SPACES, the artist, and Cleveland's Success Tech Academy. There is no charge for admission to this event, which also runs concurrently with The Plum Academy's final forum, Commencement: The Paradigm Race.

More on Moskovitz's SPACELab project ...

SWAP | Jiří Surůvka | wouldn't it be fun to pee in a bun
Working amidst a post-industrial and post-socialist landscape, the artist creates sculpture, painting, and performance that offer irony, humor and an aggressive look at issues facing his community and the world at large.

SPACELAB | Elaine Hullihen | a float, a flicker
In a float, a flicker Hullihen explores the ceaselessness of time and apprehending time's unstoppable current.

Saturday, October 17, 2009



An exhibition of artwork produced from reclaimed refrigerator doors

Curated by Daiv Wailey and Dana L. Depew

Opening reception Friday Nov 13, 2009, 6 – 11pm

featuring a musical performance by the Flat Can Company

Show runs through Dec 5
Hrs by appt

Featuring works by:

Dana L. Depew
Melissa Daubert
Wally Two Hawks
Stephen Yusko
Paul Sydorenko
Joyce Porcelli
Loren Naji
Pedro Dell
Edward A. Raffel
Michelle Murphy
Wes Johansen
Doug Meyer
Carol Hummel
Matt Bartel
Joe Fruce
Dana Oldfather
Matt Dibble
Ron Gundel
Pedro Dell
The Sign Guy
Chris Yambar
Miss Melvis
Ken Chapin
Marie Wohadlo
Karyn Ludlam
Kellie Evans
Kathy Simone
Dave Huffman
Cindy Penter
Maria Miranda
Mary Platz-Hughes
Daiv Whaley
Teresa Bosko
Scott Pickering
Bernadette Glorioso
Katy Murray
Sweet & Savory
Caryn Steerman
Lolita Wilson
Chester Hopkins-Bey
Gina Washington
Kole Robinson

generously sponsored by Whole Foods Market and Pabst
2393 Professor Ave, in historic Tremont

Thursday, October 15, 2009



Attention all freaks, geeks, plastics and preps: SPACES gives you prom on your terms!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

VIP Yacht Club Party: 6 p.m. –8 p.m.

Downstairs Dancehall: 8 p.m. –1 a.m.

Cleveland, OH, October 14, 2009—Grab a date (or two), break out the boutonnieres; and call up your clique. For those who didn’t get asked, had too much “punch,” got kicked out for cross-dressing, or wore the wrong dress, here is your mulligan for the enchanted evening you were promised in high school. Join us for our annual benefit party, Erie Prom: Enchantment Under the Lake. The big bash/splash will take place on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at SPACES (2220 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113). This night to remember begins with a VIP Yacht Club Party and ends with a gallery chock full of great art for sale, games and activities, campy photo opps, and dancing (without chaperones). Individual tickets ($135 for the VIP Yacht Club Party at 6 p.m. and $50 for the Downstairs Dancehall at 8 p.m.) are available for purchase online through Thursday, November 5. Those who decide to attend last minute can buy tickets the night of the benefit at the door.

From 6 to 8 p.m., VIP guests will be treated to fine fare by Flavor the Town while boogying down to the tantalizing sounds of Martini Five-O. The VIP exclusive silent auction offers guests first dibs on luxury packages as well as artwork by some of Cleveland’s most prestigious talents, including the photography services of Billy Delfs. As soon as the Yacht Club cools down, the Downstairs Dancehall ignites like the Cuyahoga from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. The Dancehall features yet another fabulous silent art auction featuring work by regional artists; artist-made accessories for purchase that are ready to wear (available at The Prom Shop); activities, including a number of games of chance; food from Cleveland neighborhood favorites; and DJ Chris Kulcsar treats the “gymnasium” to nostalgic sounds that will have guests doing “the sprinkler”.

Paying homage to our Great Lake Erie, we claim the grand theme with a new twist. Remember: This is your do-over—YOUR prom. Creativity, outsiders and weirdness are not only condoned, but encouraged! Wear what you really wanted to wear the first time around, or come decked out in Lake Erie-inspired duds. Whether you feel pretty in pink, dapper in a tux or you want to flex those Zebra Mussels, this is your all-access hall-pass to one of Cleveland’s wildest parties of the year. Proceeds from the event make SPACES’ programming and operations possible.

Benefit Details at a glance

Name: Erie Prom: Enchantment Under the Lake

Date: Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why: Proceeds from the event make SPACES’ programming and operations possible.

· VIP Yacht Club Party: 6 p.m.–1 a.m.

o $135 per person

o Open bar 6 p.m.–8 p.m.

· Downstairs Dancehall: 8 p.m.–1 a.m.

o $50

· Tickets are available for purchase for both parties online through Thursday, November 5, 2009. After November 5, tickets for both parties will only be sold at the door the night of the benefit.

o For an additional $10, Dancehall goers can crash the VIP Teachers’ Lounge upstairs to check out the scenery, escape the crowds, and chill with the featured drink: The Undertow.

o Work by regional artists will be up for auction during both parties.; Entertainment: VIP Yacht Club Party: the tantalizing sounds of Martini Five-O; Downstairs Dancehall: Chris Kulcsar mixes up some nostalgic beats

More info: or email

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Images of Galloping Gertie at the Bridge Project

Images of video installation by Dana Depew and Matt Bartel that consists of video images of bridge collapses and images of the Terminal Tower and Key Tower

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Galloping Gertie as part of the Bridge Project

“Galloping Gertie”(2009)
A site-specific collaborative installation by Dana L. Depew and Matthew Bartel, in conjunction with the Bridge Project located on the Detroit-Superior Bridge – lower level.

Visual artist Dana L. Depew and filmmaker Matthew Bartel team up to present a site- specific installation that consists of multiple images and video projections of historical bridge collapses including the Tahoma Narrows Bridge in 1940 and most recently the I-35W located in Minnesota. The images will be projected against the existing white subway tile and also will also be broadcast on multiple televisions that will be scattered on the floor amongst concrete rubble and debris. The intent of this piece is to create an environment that forces the viewer to concentrate on their immediate surroundings. The ultimate effect will raise awareness and concern of the potential hazard that the adjacent Main Avenue Bridge holds. The Main Avenue Bridge has the same design as the I-35W and has become the target of much public scrutiny because of its current state of disrepair.

This experience will take place Friday September 25, opening at 4 pm, closing at midnight and continue Saturday September 26, from noon to midnight. It will be free to the public and include arts and crafts vendors, food and beverage vendors (including beer and wine), buskers and solo performers positioned across the great span of the bridge with the more complex installations and performances taking place at either end. The event will include, as at all Ingenuity events, most exhibits and performances are family friendly and each night closes with a musical event

Friday, September 11, 2009




Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009


by contributor, Ken Gradomski

What's the difference between Modern Art and Contemporary Art? Many think that there is no difference. Many others would strongly disagree claiming there certainly is a difference! To clarify, Contemporary Art is work created by living artists whereas the paradigm of Modernity and the production of Modern Art ended with the beginning of the Pop Art Movement in the 1950's. Contemporary work is actually difficult to find outside of the decorative paintings that usually inhabit most galleries whose only concerns are for sales and income. Those are not bad concerns in themselves...

However, there is a place in Tremont that exists only for exhibition, that is to say,to present the different facets of contemporary work created by local and residential artists without regard to ornamental marketability. Dana Depew, owner of the Asterisk Gallery and artist himself, will tell you that ‘the value of the Gallery far exceeds the payment’...of keeping it open. He will also inform you that when he started it eight years ago it was to be a ‘strictly exhibition’ space unconcerned with income from sales.’ He said he wanted a place whereby the artistic community and the community in general ‘benefits from excellent work and synergy.’

Currently on display at the Asterisk Gallery, 2393 Professor Avenue are 24 works by Mathew Dibble in a show he has entitled, ‘Equipping the Shop for Action.’ His works have primal power, filled with strong lines and figures that are both allusive and symbolic. Informed by what presents as a Formalistic Neo-Synthetic Cubism, the paintings are large and linear, the drawings small, but captivating. Rest assured that that description falls far short of the pure impact and presence he creates with this selection of his newest work on display. He harbors an ongoing and subterranean passion that he infuses into his lyrical lines on both paper and canvas. Mathew has been creating Art for more than thirty years and his work hangs in both private and corporate collections.

Shown above is Dibble's five-foot-two inch by six foot painting entitled, ‘Guardians Against Cold.’ It is a representative depiction of his heroic iconography and, according to Mathew, his most favored piece. He also has work on display at the Wooltex Gallery inside the Tower Press Building at 1900 Superior Avenue. Online information is available on Asterisk Gallery's Web site as well as on the Wooltex Gallery site. Information from the artist, himself can be obtained on Matthew Dibble's site. His work, the Asterisk Gallery and the Wooltex Gallery are all awaiting your visit.


August 28th, 2009

Bethany Corriveau, Case Western Reserve University Graduate Art History Association

Amanda McCarthy, Case Western Reserve University Graduate Art History Association

Kathryn Fodor, Case Western Reserve University Graduate Art History Association

The CWRU Graduate Art History Association invites art students from Northeast Ohio colleges and universities to submit work for presentation at STUDENT SLIDESHOW @ MOCA, Wednesday, October 28th, 2009, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, 8501 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
Monetary awards will be given to the top three artists selected by jurors Ann Albano of the Sculpture Center, Pam Jaffe of the Cleveland Foundation and Seema Rao of the Cleveland Museum of Art. For detailed submission guidelines, please see

Submissions must be emailed to by September 25th, 2009. All selected participants must present the submitted work unless specific arrangements are made otherwise. Selected participants must provide a print out of their current schedule as proof of enrollment. Last years participants must submit a different body of work in order to reenter this year.

This event is made possible by the generosity of the CWRU Department of Art History and Art, the CWRU Friends of Art and MOCA Cleveland.


Dear Friends and Art Lovers,


Featuring over 47 artists and 5 galleries across 10 buildings, City Artists at Work – a seminal member of The Art Quarter will host its Open Studio event, free of charge, on Saturday September 12, from 12pm - 7pm, located along and adjacent to Superior Avenue, between East 18th and East 40th Streets.

Unique offerings this year include "Spicy Dames & Tales of Mystery", an exhibition of work by Mallorie Freeman on display in William Rupnik Gallery, #1A in The Loftworks building. Artefino will have a rotating exhibit of Tower Press artists and a CAAW artists exhibit will be on display in the lobby & second floor of The Plain Dealer building. Many artists will be demonstrating and providing hands on art projects for all ages.

Pick up an "Art is the Key" tag and key ring at any artist's studio. Bring the key ring with you as you tour CAAW studios & collect unique, free works of art, sized to fit your key ring and made especially for this event. The more studios you visit the bigger your key ring art collection will become.

Upcoming exhibitions at Western Exhibitions, Chicago

September 11 - October 10, 2009

In Gallery 1

Paul Nudd: Vomitromiton

In Gallery 2

Dan Attoe

Opening Reception: Friday, September 11, 5 to 8pm

Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm

PAUL NUDD Gallery Talk: Thursday, September 24 at 6pm

Western Exhibitions will open two new shows on Friday, September 11 with a public reception from 5 to 8pm. In Gallery 1, PAUL NUDD will show new paintings, drawing and collages. In Gallery 2, DAN ATTOE will present one new painting and several of his "daily drawings". Please also join us on Thursday, September 24 for a gallery talk with Paul Nudd at 6pm.

In Gallery 1
Paul Nudd

Paul Nudd will pack the gallery with new paintings and drawings inspired by and depicting what the artist calls the "peri-anal universe". Although his muse is an abject one; the works can't help but reveal a strange and elegant beauty. The works' coloristic and formal contrasts, as described below, are manifestations of Nudd's primary interest: the decaying natural world as seen against the artificiality of the made world.

The paintings on canvas refer to microscopic lifeforms, often looking like exceptionally well-designed bacterial samples squashed between two glass slides. Nudd refers to the works' primary compositional elements as "blobs" - oval shapes, painted or collaged onto the raw canvas, that are replicated in varying sizes and colors (usually earth tones, but also shocking pinks and reds) across the canvas. Occasionally, the artist's blobs are punctuated with low-relief "nuclei" crafted from nuggets of modeling clay in high-keyed colors. Nudd's color flips back and forth between differing approaches to the visceral; pop-candy colors vibrate against the dingy fake vomit tones; unbleached titanium clashes with fleshy hues.

At a glance, the paintings seem busy, out of control - randomly mixed colors and shapes. But dedicated viewing reveals the paintings to be carefully composed portraits of filth and decay: gooey puddles, fussy swaths of sludge, scumbles of strange substances, delicate stains, wisps of string, hair, felt and fake vomit settle on the plain of the blank canvas like scabs on smooth skin.

Despite the artist's self-proclaimed efforts to make "gross-out" art, Nudd's paintings are perversely attractive, disgustingly hilarious and infinitely engaging. As Anthony Elms notes in a recent essay on Nudd's work, "See, it is possible to giggle, panic, and squirm at the same time, and that is what Paul's artwork consistently aims to induce." Nudd maps a world - or as he says, a fishtank - of bacterial delights. As he states in a recent interview with Evan Lennox (available at the gallery), "I don't aim to offend anyone; on the contrary, I want people to engage with my work for as long as possible. I just think there is an entire abyss of color combinations, forms, textures, and approaches to making things that people need to see. Crust, slop, and meditations on fake vomit and its uses are all interesting points of departure."

This is Paul Nudd's second solo show at Western Exhibitions. Recent solo and two-person shows include Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn, telephonebooth in Kansas City and the Hyde Park Art Center, Bodybuilder & Sportsmen, and Dogmatic, all in Chicago, and group shows at Andreas Bruning Gallery in Dusseldorf, the Evanston Art Center, the Soap Factory in Minneapolis, and Mixture Contemporary in Houston. He recently completed a collaborative printmaking residency with Onsmith at the Spudnik Press in Chicago and his zines and artist books are in several institutional artist book collections across the country. He is a recent recipient of an Illinois Art Council grant. Paul Nudd received his MFA from the University of Illinois-Chicago in 2001 and he lives and works in Berwyn, Illinois.

In Gallery 2
Dan Attoe

The shock rocker (and now horror film director) Rob Zombie's floating head looms over 6 pairs of kayakers on a melancholy seascape in Dan Attoe's new oil painting, "Sea Kayakers (You Are Not Special)". The Zombie apparition, a recurring prophet in Attoe's work, spouts a cryptic aphorism, in text delicately rendered by the artist. Is this phrase directed to us, the viewers, or to the kayakers, or both?

"Sea Kayakers (You Are Not Special)" anchors Dan Attoe's solo show in Western Exhibitions Gallery 2. He will also present several "daily drawings", an extension of a past project of making a small painting every day over a couple of years. In these drawings, Attoe illustrates whatever is holding his interest at the moment, be it a Far Side cartoon, rock and rollers, whatever happened in the local bar last night, a scene from one of the Pacific Northwest's legendary strip clubs, or a depiction of the Pacific Northwest's legendary topography. He uses these drawings as foundations for paintings and neon sculptures and makes them in a stream of consciousness manner, letting the images, text and ideas that pop into his head make their way onto the paper. Attoe states in a recent interview, available at the gallery, that "there is no overarching theme to my work, there are things that pop up frequently because of where I live, or because of things I was interested in as a kid, etc. I like to leave the subject matter open to interpretation."

This is Dan Attoe's second solo show with Western Exhibitions. We also hosted his collaborative installation troupe Paintallica for a wild show in 2006. Attoe will be having a concurrent show at Peres Projects in Los Angeles, with whom he has had 5 prior solo shows. Other solo shows include MUSAC in Leon, Spain, Vilma Gold in London and 404 Arte Contemporanea in Naples. Group shows include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, France, AMP in Athens, Galleria Maria de Cardenas in Milan, the Saatchi Gallery in London and the Portland Art Museum in Oregon. His work has been discussed in Artforum,, Contemporary, Paper, Los Angeles Times, Art Review and LA Weekly. Paintallica recently completed an installation at the Country Club gallery in Los Angeles. Dan Attoe received his MFA from the University of Iowa in 2004 and he lives and works just outside of Portland, Oregon.

For more information and images, please contact the gallery:
Western Exhibitions
(312) 480-8390

119 N Peoria St, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60607 USA


Paul Beel received his BFA and MFA from the School of Art at Bowling Green State University, Ohio. He did Post-Baccalaureate work at Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy, where he later taught painting and drawing. He has had solo shows in Venice, Milan, Florence, Mantova, as well as in the US, and group shows in Spain, Germany, San Marino, Switzerland and throughout Italy. Paul Beel is represented by is Bonelli Arte Contemporanea in Mantova. He lives and works in Florence.

I represented Paul, with Gallery 0022, in the mid 1990's
Paul is in Cleveland THIS WEEKEND...

Bargain Basement Sale
(clearing out parents basement)
This Sat. 9am-Noon
Older student and early works...
Works from $10 on up from high school, BFA and MFA periods.
Coffee and cookies for early birds!!!
24329 Westwood Road,
Westlake, Ohio 44145

Paul Beel Reception
Garden Viewing
This Sat. 1-4pm in Westlake, OH
(Click Image for more Paul)
e-mail me for more details and rsvp

Hope to see you Saturday!!!
Dan Morgan

Saturday, August 22, 2009

“No Pinheads Allowed” new works by KRK Ryden

Asterisk Gallery Proudly Presents:

“No Pinheads Allowed”
new works by KRK Ryden

opening reception on Friday Aug 28
6 – 11pm
in the lower gallery
2393 Professor Ave

KRK Ryden's art is a record of mongrel pop culture. His aesthetic is informed by comic books, punk rock, and cartoons, while his world view is strictly DEVO. KRK's work embraces everyday absurdity and a cartoony view of reality. His paintings are colorful and visually appealing reflections on discarded icons, and his graphics are well-realized snapshots of cartoon life. For over thirty years KRK has been creating illustrations and paintings for underground bands, publishers, and institutions.

Year of the Ox shirts by Depew - Pickering

The shirts are designed by Cleveland artists Dana Depew, Scott Pickering & Alane Sandoval.
All tshirts are printed locally on sweatshop-free American Apparel brand shirts.
order at -

Friday, August 21, 2009


Wanted - any old and/or used refridgerator doors for an upcoming art exhibition in Nov - any condition - if you have an old refridgerator that you are going to get rid of, I could use the door for the exhibit. Email at or 330-304-8528

Chris will be interviewed by Dee Perry on Around Noon on Monday, August 24

Hello all,

Chris will be interviewed by Dee Perry on Around Noon on Monday, August 24. He will be discussing the upcoming season, including this fall's exhibitions: The Plum Academy, SPACElab artist Elaine Hullihen's a float a flicker, SPACELab artist Mark Moskovitz's Repair Shop, and SWAP artist Jiří Surůvka's (Czech Republic) yet-to-be-titled project. Friendly reminder: The opening reception for the fall exhibitions is September 11, 6 - 9 p.m. and there are many exciting events that are happening through the run of the show (October 23, 2009). We will keep you posted.

There is much for Chris to discuss and you won't want to miss it!

In the meantime, I hope all is well and you have big plans for the weekend!


Nicole Edwards


Communications Manager

Follow us at:

SPACES is located at 2220 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113. Visit for more information.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Speakeasy Now Open just below the Bier Markt...

DJ Go performing this Saturday to kickoff the cocktails!

Speakeasy is open every Friday and Saturday night 8pm-2am.
(Thursday Live Music Nights coming this Fall)

Check out the culinary cocktail list inspired by Cleveland's long history of bootlegging and raved about in the New York Times...

Speakeasy Cocktails

*The Rosemary*
rosemary gin, dry vermouth

*Bee’s Knees*
honeycomb gin, cane syrup, fresh lemon

*O’ Sweet Brandy*
brandy infused with toasted honey walnuts

*Manhattan Pig*
caramelized bacon bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters

*Pepperoncini Martini*
pepperoncini vodka, fresh lime, seltzer

*Rome with a View*
campari, dry vermouth, fresh lime, cane syrup, seltzer

*Pimm’s Zingiber*
pimms No.1, fresh lemon, cane syrup, fresh ginger root, seltzer

*Spanish Lover*
cachasa, fresh lime, fresh ginger, cane syrup, seltzer

Speakeasy Punches (serves 4)

*Claret Jug*
red wine, fresh lemon, luxardo, cane syrup, seltzer

*Rum Runner*
coconut rum, brandy, cranberry, fresh orange, pineapple



Friday, August 21st
9:15pm or dusk
@ Clark Field
(Between West 11th and West 7th off Clark Ave.)
Rain Date: Friday, August 28th
Remember to bring a chair or blanket to sit!!! Enter a drawing for a toy dog during the movie!

Sponsored by: ParkWorks, Charter One, Ward 13 Councilman Joe Cimperman, Friends of Clark Field,
St. Michael's Jr. Holy Name Society, and Tremont West.

Tremont Farmers' Market

Tremont Farmers' Market Website

Tuesday, August 25th
in Tremont's Lincoln Park

ODOT Public Meeting regarding Noise Barriers in Tremont

Link to Noise Barrier Presentation and Block Club Feedback Form
Noise Barrier Meeting Information:

Date: Thursday, August 27, 2009
Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Place: Our Lady of Angels / St. Joseph's Center
2346 West 14th Street

If you have any questions, please contact:
Mark Alan Carpenter, P.E.
District 12 Environmental Engineer
(216) 584-2089
Join us for Verb Ballets next Friday & Saturday!

Program Details

Fri., August 28th
Sat., August 29th

Verb Ballets

(*Rain Date:
Sun., 8/30, 7:30pm)

Presented in Partnership with Tremont West Development Corporation, ParkWorks & Councilman Joe Cimperman

Support generously funded by Cuyahoga County residents through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, Clear Channel, Cleveland Scene, Fran and Jules Belkin, Forest City Enterprises, Network Parking, Third Federal Savings & Loan, and Medical Mutual of Ohio.

Bringing a blanket, cushions, or lawn chairs is strongly advised.
Picnics are welcome.

August 1st: Cleveland Public Theatre's STEP
(Student Theater Enrichment Program), 7pm
August 7th & 8th: MorrisonDance & Antaeus Dance, 8:30pm
(*Rain Date 8/9, 7:30pm)
August 14th & 15th: GroundWorks Dancetheater, 8:30pm
(*Rain Date 8/16, 7:30pm)
August 28th & 29th: Verb Ballets, 8:30pm
(*Rain Date 8/30, 7:30pm)

Dr. Sketchy: Tuesday, August 25th

Your Doctors appointment is set!
Next Dr. Sketchy: Tuesday, August 25th

Oh-boyArt Monkeys, we are back AGAIN at the Beachland Ballroom August 25th (in the Ballroom) with a new model from NY - Kerri Taylor! Kerri comes to us with a trunkload of her own vast collection of Latex outfits. So if your looking for revealing skin tight sexiness. Look no further than this months Sketchy. Kerri is making her way through Cleveland and heading west - So come see her while you can. We may not get this opportunity again!

Beachland Ballroom (Map)
15711 Waterloo Rd • Cleveland, OH 44110-1659
Doors at 7:30p • Drawing starts at 8:00p
Admission: $10

Back to School Party at Bar Cento/Bier Markt

At a Back to School Party with artists and friends!

Back to School Party at Bar Cento/Bier Markt
Wednesday, August 26, 4 p.m. – 2 a.m.

Meet Jiri Suruvka, SPACES' newest artist-in-residence, drink a beer, cool off with a soda, and have some of those famous fries—all in the name of a good cause!

Simply tell your server that you're with SPACES, and 15% of your proceeds will benefit our mission to advance the artist's vision! Upcoming Exhibitions / September 11 – October 23, 2009

Opening reception:
Friday, September 11, 2009, 6 – 9 p.m., Free

Main / The Plum Academy: An Institute for Situated Practices
SWAP / Jiří Surůvka / Ostrava, Czech Republic
SPACELab / Elaine Hullihen / a float, a flicker
SPACELab / Mark Moskovitz / Repair Shop

SPACELab is sponsored by Process Creative Studios in honor of Morton and Rosalie Cohen.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Old Skool Unpopular Art and other Influential Synthetic Folklore

Old Skool Unpopular Art and other Influential Synthetic Folklore

Opening Night Reception| Friday, August 14, 2009 from 5:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Doubting Thomas Gallery| 856 Jefferson Avenue Cleveland Ohio 44113 · p: 440.339.2204

Old Skool Unpopular Art…..includes over 30 visual representations exploring multicultural perception and expression. This two man show is dedicated to conveying the importance of our history and the creative power of artistic vision through photography, painting and mixed media works. Doubting Thomas Gallery has set its sights on providing local, up and coming Cleveland based artisans with an opportunity to showcase their work. Overtime, Ronald D. Clayton and Julius Lyles III’s works have risen to the top of the platform and have been publicly defined as artists whose designs stem from real world experiences focused on the meaning, myth and stereotype of the word (BLACK), apropos of culture, race, politics, war, environment, economics and class. Through personal association and recognition these works dig deep in order to engage the mind and examine the importance of growing beyond racial prejudice by providing an understanding of disturbing and negative racial identities and encouraging free thinking positive perceptions for our ever changing diverse society.

Media Contact:

Promotions| Heather C. Terry


Curator| Julius Lyles III


Lite Refreshments| C. Gaitor Cuisine

Musical Performance| J.T. Lynch Trio

Poetry Performance| Jacqueline Gillon


The exhibition will be made available to the public by appointment| August 12, 2009 ~ August 28, 2009

Graciously sponsored by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (community supported funding) and Community Partnership for Arts and Culture



Attention all freaks, geeks, plastics and preps: SPACES gives you prom on your terms!

Cleveland, OH, July 29, 2009—Grab a date (or two), break out the boutonnieres; and call up your clique. For those who didn’t get asked, had too much “punch,” got kicked out for cross-dressing, or wore the wrong dress, here is your mulligan for the enchanted evening you were promised in high-school. Join us for our annual benefit party, Erie Prom: Enchantment Under the Lake. The big bash/splash will take place on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at SPACES (2220 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113). This night to remember begins with a VIP party and ends with a gallery chock full of great art for sale, games, campy photo opps (complete with the trellis), and dancing (without chaperones). Tickets will be available for purchase online ( on Monday, August 10, 2009.

Following SPACES’ fall experimental-school-as-exhibition, The Plum Academy: An Institute for Situational Practices (September 11 – October 23, 2009), we cap off the school season with a prom you won’t want to forget this time around. Paying homage to our Great Lake Erie, we claim the grand theme with a new twist. Remember: This is your do-over—YOUR prom. Creativity, outsiders and weirdness are not only condoned, but encouraged! Wear what you really wanted to wear the first time around, or come decked out in Lake Erie-inspired duds. Whether you feel pretty in pink, dapper in a tux or you want to flex those Zebra Mussels, this is your all-access hall-pass to one of Cleveland’s wildest parties of the year. Proceeds from the event make SPACES’ programming and operations possible.

Benefit Details at a glance

Name: Erie Prom: Enchantment Under the Lake

Date: Saturday, November 7, 2009

· VIP Party: 6 p.m.–1 a.m.

o $125 before September 1, 2009; $135 thereafter and up until the Prom

o Open bar 6 p.m.–8 p.m.

· Dance Hall: 8 p.m – 1a.m.

o $40 before September 1, 2009; $50 thereafter and up until the Prom

· VIP lounge: 8 p.m. – 1 a.m.

o $10 (in addition to the price of a VIP or Dance Hall ticket); Take a breather from the dirty dancing and use your special hall pass to lounge with the cool kids

More info:; tickets will be available to purchase online on August 10, 2009.


Erie Prom: Enchantment Under the Lake

We have an official theme!!

Time to plan, make and create another great party!!

Join us on Aug 11, 6pm at SPACES

Bring all your creative juices and your friends and let's hash out some ideas.

This meeting is open to all people who like to party and have fun!!!

So bring a friend, a date, roomies, cousin, sister, brother, mother, father, aunt, uncle (you get the idea)

RSVP Aug 10

Many thanks and hope to see you there

Solo Exhibition of New Work by Matthew Dibble Opens at Asterisk Gallery

For immediate release
AUGUST 10, 2009

Solo Exhibition of New Work by Matthew Dibble Opens at Asterisk Gallery
CLEVELAND—August 10, 2009—On Friday, August 14th, Asterisk Gallery in Tremont will showcase recent figurative work from Cleveland artist Matthew Dibble in a solo exhibition consisting of ten drawings and fourteen paintings. The exhibition is titled “Equipping the Shop for Action,” and runs through September 5th. According to Dibble, the title is not to be taken literally, but is a metaphor for the psychological preparation he undertook before completing this series of work.

The paintings in this exhibit were inspired by an ongoing series of figurative pen-and-ink drawings that the artist has been producing since his days in art school. Commenting on the paintings, well-known artist and writer Douglas Max Utter said, “Like half-remembered myths, Dibble’s figures move as outlines across a patchwork ground of light and shade … part hero, part clown, tumbling in a world that is no more than a back-drop for their antics. They are perhaps like skins of light, shed in the process of personal change.”
The drawings on display were selected by Christopher Pekoc, the 2007 Cleveland Arts Prize winner who also curated the first public exhibition of Dibble’s drawings in 2005. Pekoc explains, “In his drawings, Matt produces an elegant line drawn with a sure and sensitive hand. He fills these small worlds with mystery and beauty. I am attracted to them because of their uniqueness and originality, and also because I suspect that their source lies deep within the artist’s creative core.”
Pekoc will also participate as a panelist in an artists’ dialogue at the gallery on Saturday, August 15th at 3 pm, along with innovative neon artist Jeffry Chiplis, Utter, and Dibble.
Dibble’s work has been exhibited at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Tregoning & Company, and the Butler Institute of American Art, and resides in private and corporate collections.
Asterisk Gallery is located at 2393 Professor Ave. in the historic Tremont area of Cleveland. For more information, contact artist and gallery owner Dana Depew at 330-304-8528 or For more information on Matt Dibble, please visit “Equipping the Shop for Action” will be on view from August 14th through September 5th.

Friday, July 17, 2009




Time to plan, make and create another great party!!

Join us on July 23, 6pm at SPACES (third floor studio)

We have a theme (come to the meeting to find out)
Bring all your creative juices and your friends and let's hash out some ideas.

This meeting is open to all people who like to party and have fun!!!

So bring a friend, a date, roomies, cousin, sister, brother, mother, father, aunt, uncle (you get the idea)

RSVP July 20

Many thanks and hope to see you there

WRUW has extended the deadline for submissions for this years Studio-A-Rama

WRUW has extended the deadline for submissions for this years Studio-A-Rama concert to Saturday July 25th. If you or your band are interested in playing this years Studio-A-Rama, happening Saturday September 5th, then send in a submission. All submissions must contain a CD with at least three songs (can be a burned CD), a band picture (can just be a picture printed out on a sheet of paper), a bio with line-up including full names, a list of relevant websites, and contact info. Send submissions to:

91.1 WRUW-FM
Attn: Studio-A-Rama
11220 Bellflower Road
Cleveland, OH 44106

more detailed info below...


WRUW is now accepting submissions from local and regional bands who wish to play Studio-A-Rama this year. The deadline to submit for this year's Studio-A-Rama is July 17th. Seven to nine bands will be chosen to share the stage with a national headliner. Headliners have included The Sadies, Guided by Voices, New Bomb Turks, Naked Raygun, Enon, Magnolia Electric Co, Easy Action, Matt Pond PA, Upper Crust, Glazed Baby, U.S. Maple, and Electric Eels.

WRUW will review all submissions received by July 17 from local and regional bands who wish to play and have not participated in the past 4 years. All types of music will be considered, and musicians that have submitted music in the past, but weren't chosen to play, are encouraged to do so once again.

Interested bands should send a CD consisting of 3 or more songs to: WRUW-FM, Attention: Studio-A-Rama, 11220 Bellflower Road , Cleveland OH 44106.

Submissions should also include a band line-up (full names please) and bio, band photo, website address, and contact information. All submissions become the property of WRUW. Questions can be sent via e-mail to studioarama (at)

Now in its 28th year, Studio-A-Rama is WRUW's annual FREE, outdoor, day-long rock concert, and it's a great opportunity for local and regional bands to showcase their talent and have their music heard. This year's show will take place on Saturday in early to mid-September, just outside the WRUW studios on the campus of Case Western Reserve University . WRUW is proud to simulcast Studio-A-Rama at 15,000 watts over the airwaves as well as on the internet at

Since 1982, WRUW has staged this free annual concert designed to thank listeners for their ongoing support throughout the year, and especially during WRUW's annual telethon. An enthusiastic audience response during the annual on-air fundraiser enables WRUW to continue hosting Studio-A-Rama as well as fund live webcasting and support local music and live music. Studio-A-Rama is one part of WRUW-FM's commitment to broadcasting local bands live. The "Live From Cleveland" show broadcasts bands from the WRUW-FM studios every Thursday evening from 10 until 11pm, and WRUW also simulcasts the live music from the main stage of the annual Hessler St. Fair.

As always, Studio-A-Rama will take place in the Mather Memorial Courtyard outside the WRUW FM studios on the Case Western Reserve University Campus. The Mather Memorial Courtyard is located at the corner of Ford and Bellflower Roads, one block north of the Mayfield/Euclid intersection and one block east of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Shows closing this Friday, July 17
Don't forget: We're open late on Friday until 7 p.m.!

Main / Internal Compasses
Internal Compasses features visual thinkers who map, code, and catalog experiences and information, then systematically arrange the material evidence according to personal internal strategies. This exhibition takes viewers on a journey through imagination and inquiry by way of pattern and process.

SWAP / Efrat Klipshtien/ Red Winged Black Bird
During her nine-week residency in Cleveland, Israeli artist Efrat Klipshtien created Red Winged Black Bird, a large-scale installation using day-to-day household supplies. The artist stages a dream-like landscape: an imaginary world that pushes the boundaries between artificial and organic.

Read a review by Doug Max Utter from Cleveland Scene

SPACELab / Evan Larson /
Permeability, Transformation and the Neutral
Using techniques such as plaster carving, mold-making, and woodworking, Evan Larson manipulates the existing structures within the gallery to create a seemingly organic and ephemeral space of neutrality between the object, viewer, and space.

To read an interview by the artist, visit our blog.
Space Invaders at The Sculpture Center
This Saturday, July 18, 3 p.m.

Navigating through the alien world of contemporary art: SPACES is headed to The Sculpture Center (1834 E. 123rd St, Cleveland, Oh 44106) this Saturday to fearlessly investigate and discuss After the Pedestal, the 5th Annual of Smaller Sculpture from the Region. No Holds Barred!

Curator of Contemporary Art at The Cleveland Museum of Art Paola Morsiani juried an exhibition comprised of 21 artworks by 16 artists from the region. The three-dimensional works, composed of materials ranging from the ready-made to tradional media used in innovative ways, cover and challenge notions of politics, the environment, and the use of space.

Members: $5; Non-Members: $8

Pre-registration is required. Space is limited to 15 participants per invasion. Please arrive at the host location at the designated time. Further information will be emailed to each participant prior to the event. You won't need to bring anything

Dana Depew shows Ingenuity Fest how it’s done

Dana Depew shows Ingenuity Fest how it’s done
by Tim Russo -

I was not going to attend Ingenuity Festival this year. Like most things deemed “important” or “cool” by the well-heeled powers in Cleveland who fund such things with scraps from their billion dollar tables, each year Ingenuity Fest has taken on the increasing hue of an idea chasing money, not the other way around.

Ingenuity gets more underwhelming each year - as you walk through, you can almost see in your mind’s eye the grant application being filled out months ago, check this box, check that one, Gund happy, Cleveland Foundation happy, this billionaire might like that, such and such millionaire will go for that, ok….open!

So I’d given up. But this year, founder James Levin approached Dana Depew, owner & curator of Asterisk Gallery in Tremont looking for more local artists. Asterisk At Ingenuity was born, and unbeknownst to me, my video of Loren Naji’s “Portrait of Obama in Gunsmoke” was included in Dana’s exhibit, next to Loren’s Obama portrait. Loren kept calling me, telling me to come down, and finally I relented, because Asterisk At Ingenuity was outside the admissions gate, so I didn’t have to pay any money.

From the first few minutes inside Asterisk At Ingenuity, it was clear that nothing inside the admissions gate would even come close to what Dana had put together. Over 60 artists, all volunteering their work, all local, packed into the two floors of the dilapidated and abandoned former Christian Science Reading Room and 107.9 WENZ offices on Euclid Ave., across from the State Theatre. Every room was different - from interactive exhibits, to electronic, computer, video, sound, neon lights, smelly stuff, textured stuff, girly stuff, guy stuff, kid stuff, paintings, sculptures - you name it, it was in Dana’s space.

And it all had a very “Cleveland” feel to it, from the moment you walked in. You could have spent an entire afternoon wandering between rooms, staring into paintings, watching films, becoming part of installations…it was deeply Cleveland art done by the curator of the finest gallery in Tremont, and it screamed for attention around every corner. There has been nothing at Ingenuity, ever, in its short history, to even compare. And I did walk through the admissions gate (with my free “artist” badge) to confirm that yet again, Ingenuity itself was a big dud.

I asked Dana how on earth he pulled this together. He had no budget except to bring the rotting space up to code. He was given the keys to the space about 2 weeks before the festival began, and in that time, had to clean out the tons of debris, wire it, paint it, make it safe, and fill it with the most diverse and quality art I have ever seen in one space at Ingenuity, or for that matter, almost anywhere in Cleveland at any time. Dana looked exhausted, and with good reason.

Because Dana Depew’s Asterisk At Ingenuity was nothing short of a triumph.

Sitting with Dana on the roof talking, I was struck at how perfectly his experience represents a microcosm of everything wrong, and all that is right, about Cleveland. A space in the Hanna Building sits and rots, in full view of every single person in downtown Cleveland, at the heart of Playhouse Square, and for the lack of anyone in power with the slightest vision, will do so until it gets torn down. But in 2 weeks, one person is given the keys, and with no money, runs rings around the entire Ingenuity Festival itself, merely because that one person has the drive, the heart, and the vision to make something incredible happen in a snap of his fingers.

All while inside the admissions gate, steps from Dana’s momentary flourish of brilliance in record time, people pay $10 to enter a corporate and foundation funded fizzle that looks more like an excuse to sell beer and pizza than an art festival. It was like the fireworks at an Indians game - why pay for a ticket to the game, which is going to suck anyway, when you can watch the real show for free?

James Levin deserves the credit for thinking of including Dana Depew at this year’s Ingenuity, even if Levin put the best he had outside the admissions gate. If Levin hasn’t lost his soul tailoring his festival to every grant application that he’s ever hunched over, perhaps he’ll learn from this. Let’s hope so.

HOMESTYLE TINKERIN' from Scene Magazine - 7-15-09

Ingenuity gathers the family around
by Michael Gill

Ingenuity organizer James Levin predicted that Ian Charnas' production Boltz — a campy mix of musical theater, dance and electrical tinkering presented by Case Western Reserve University — would be the iconic event that people remembered from Ingenuity 2009. Hopefully that's not true. The production's music and dance weren't badly realized, and the sustainability message was just about right for an after-school special or a comic book, but the science failed to impress. The electrical spark that was to be the centerpiece just didn't measure up.

Nonetheless, this year's edition of Ingenuity — and even the anticlimactic Boltz — captured the spirit of the festival's name more than previous installments. Roaming the whole scene, Melissa Daubert's horse on wheels amused festgoers with its shaggy fur and whimsical gait as it rolled with electronic clippity-clop accompaniment. It wasn't high-tech but undeniably mixed imagination with mechanics more sensibly than the high-tech, high-concept installations that have attempted to capture audiences' attention in previous years.

The art and high-tech concept is traceable to Richard Florida's book The Creative Class, which argues that software engineers are artists too. But Florida was trying to attract people to cities, not build an arts festival to enhance a city. In that regard, this year's less glitzy, lower-tech Ingenuity Festival was more successful than previous ones.

Cleveland talent ruled. Local bands like the punk-, new wave-, and noise-influenced girl group Hot Cha Cha and the experimental pop trio Mystery of Two rocked the scene not as filler, but on the main stage during prime time Friday night. Original music is a kind of ingenuity Cleveland can understand. And who are we kidding if we're trying to promote Cleveland as an arts destination if we don't celebrate our own?

A festival highlight was Asterisk gallerist Dana Depew's exhibit of work by 50 regional artists, including Scene art critic Douglas Max Utter, Dan Tranberg, Amy Casey, Matt Dibble and many others who showed their work in a building slated for demolition. Depew's work isn't high-tech, but his adaptive re-use of light fixtures, door peepholes and other domestic gadgetry is not at all short on ingenuity.

Next to one of his pieces, Dibble left a handwritten note instructing festival organizers to leave one of the works hanging so it could be demolished with the building around it. There's something endearingly Cleveland about that.

In the All Go Signs Alley, Chuck Karnak featured a collection of Cleveland painters, including the Sign Guy, whose ingenuity is to make his mark on the city with goofy, hand-painted signs chained and bolted around town. If graffiti is like tattoos on the landscape, his work could be considered its jewelry.

Ingenuity doesn't have to go high-tech or import high-concept headliners to live up to its name. It's unfortunate that finances are what drove programming this way. But here's hoping that no matter how the money shakes out, the festival continues to show off Cleveland — and that crowds are interested enough to keep coming back.


Matt Dibble will be showcasing new works in a solo exhibition at Asterisk on Aug 14 - from 6 - 11pm
fellow artists, we've been recognized by the Cleveland Scene Magazine blog. Check it out -fifth paragraph: an even better description of what Dana and we artists pulled off in record time can be found at: here is what i wrote my friends about it, from a personal perspective. hats off to all of you! there is not one whit of exaggeration in the descriptions contained within the blackheartcleveland blog. the transformation of this space in mere days was no less than miraculous. i know, because i was there the first night that clean up and room assignment began, and i couldn't really fathom how we could ever make it presentably clean, or even well illuminated. those first days were pretty much all devoted to harvesting fluorescent bulbs from the third floor and trying to get the fixtures in the 1st and 2nd floors to fire up, not to mention the unending loads of debris, and miscellaneous crap to be moved and disposed. then over the several weeks, as the artists began to bring and install their work, the common areas seemed to become even more trashed and unpresentable. i'm not trying to take any credit here,,, i spent several hard nights but many others did much more, and Dana spent literally every waking hour there, except when he was also curating and setting up his important, annual "19" show at his real gallery in Tremont! the difference between how the place looked when i finished my room on Tuesday, and how it opened Friday night was astonishing, even though i'd seen the gradual progress and most of the art beforehand. frankly, i'm surprised Dana still has his day job and his wonderful and understanding new bride, Lauren. or should i say saint Lauren! another miracle was Dana's ability to marshal the artistic and construction resources [for no remuneration] to whip this space into what has to have been, one of the most amazing temporary art galleries ever created in under 20 days. the 60+ artists showed incredible skill at creating art of all types, many created for just the spaces allotted them, mostly cramped former offices. i'm honored to have been a part of this event and it was truly an unforgettable experience. thanks to all of you who came to share this with me, especially denver dell who ran sound for my performance, and our friend jordan dunkel, who helped me set up my installation -pedro


For Immediate Release:

SpringBoard Artists Presents:

A Collaboration of Local Artists

July 24-25th, 2009



1668 East 40th
(corner of East 40th and Payne Ave.)
Cleveland, Ohio

Sponsored by:

SPICE OF LIFE Catering Co.& Pabst Blue Ribbon

Over 15 Local Artists
Refreshments will be served both evenings!

Please contact Jeannie Oakar for more information

SpringBoard Artists Inc. was put together for artists by artists!
We are proud to support Cleveland artists and our mission is
to keep local art alive!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Asterisk @ Ingenuity

By far the most impressive project was Asterisk at Ingenuity, an instant gallery curated by Dana Depew of Tremont’s Asterisk Gallery in an empty building that used to house alternative rock radio station the End. In two weeks, he and his crew rehabbed the long-abandoned space and filled it with the work of 60 local artists. A majority of the space is tiny former offices and artists took them over, tailoring the spaces to their own needs. The range and quality of the work was breathtaking ranging from traditional work by noted local artists like Amy Casey, Dan Tranberg and Douglas Max Utter to installations like the evocative “Dream Guests,” by Brandon Brennan, Anna Tararova and sound artist Creep, who created a gently unsettling nighttime landscape. Many of the works involved televisions, including one that was nothing but a dark room with a single TV showing old footage of Big Chuck and Little John. Another, called “The Death of Terrestrial Radio,” was inspired by what the End staff had left behind. DePew’s own sculptural assemblages of light bulbs and glass lampshades, carpet, clocks, old photos and postcards and other memorabilia of 20th-century life were a high point: Depew has a distinctive style and vision that jogs complex feelings about the uses of the past and its leavings.

A New York-based artist, Erwin Redl, also had a piece called “Speed Shift” in the Asterisk Gallery. The rumor was that, although the local artists weren’t paid for participating (although they could sell their work if they chose), he was paid a five-figure sum to install this light-based piece that was so bland I entirely missed it the first night. With area artists like Depew and Jeff Chiplis doing far more interesting things with light, it seemed entirely unnecessary. In fact, it’s emblematic of how Ingenuity should forget the high-priced imports — not just for economic reasons but for artistic ones — and expand its reach into the local community. — Anastasia Pantsios

Friday, June 26, 2009

5th Annual “19” Exhibition - opening July 3

Asterisk Gallery Proudly Presents:
5th Annual “19” Exhibition
opening reception July 3, 2009
show runs through August 8, 2009

Lisa Kenion
Laszlo Gyorki
Sunia Boneham
Jake Beckman
Bruce Edwards
Cathy Kasdan
Janet Snell
Debra DeGregorio
Michael Wallace
Brian McCollum
Sally Hudak
Laila Voss
William Rupnik
Linda Herman
Elizabeth Emery
Thea Miklowski
Dana Oldfather
Robin Latkovich
Shauna Merriman

hrs by appt
2393 Professor Ave - in historic Tremont

Asterisk @ Ingenuity - opening July 10

Asterisk @ Ingenuity

A contemporary multi-media exhibition of work produced by established regional artists, curated by Dana L. Depew
Dana Depew was allocated an abandoned radio station to transform into a work of art.
Each artist was given a space to turn into an installation or exhibition.

Opening July 10 - 13
at the Ingenuity Festival at the Christian Science Reading Room located at 1516
Euclid Ave. across from the Ohio Theater

Participating artists include:

R Ferris
Matt Bartel
Jason Byers
Bruno Casiano
Sarah Paul
Pedro Dell
Matthew Dibble
Terry Durst
Jeffry Chiplis
Amy Casey
Dana L. Depew
Loren Naji
Joe Fruce
Susan Danko
Dan Tranberg
Carol Hummel
Ron Gundel
Paul Sydorenko
Douglas Max Utter
Stephen Yusko
Sunia Boneham and Michael Di Liberto
Julius Lyles
Bill Radawec
James March
Raw Umber
Robert Banks
Terry Clark II
Liz Maugans
Bob Walls
Robert Bucklew
Dave Cintron
Kelly Hayes
Maria Miranda
Dana Oldfather
Joshua Rex
Thom Rossino
Chris Kaspar
Yvonne Bakale
Ron Smith
Joyce Porcelli
Anna Taraova
Michael Greenwald
Peter Green
Michelle Murphy

Participation Performances by R Ferris

Fri, July 10 - Burn Meditation Participation ~ 5:30 pm

Sat, July 11 - NonArt Art Walk ~ 4:30

Sat, July 11 - Participation Conversation ~ 8:30 pm

With a performance by Pedro Dell
“Three-Legged Dog” performance Sat. 3pm, or for Sunday,
and also a jazz performance by Pedro Dell and Ron Smith on Sunday at 3pm

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friends in Tremont,
As you no doubt have gathered, a number of our neighbors were affected by a house fire that spread to neighboring properties last night. As always, a number of nearby residents rushed to their aid to support the heroic efforts of our emergency responders. Many of you have called our office asking what is needed and how you can assist. *Some people have already dropped off food and supplies - Thank you!

In an effort to assist with emergency needs for the affected families, TWDC has established a Fire Fund.
Contributions may be dropped off or mailed in to our offices – 2406 Professor, Cleveland Ohio 44113
TWDC will accept either checks or gift cards to area businesses such as Dave’s Supermarket, Target or Wal-Mart.
Checks in any amount may be written to Tremont West Development Corporation with a reference to ‘Fire Fund’ in the memo.

Additionally, 806 Wine & Martini Bar will be hosting a fundraiser on Monday, June 22, 2009
All drinks will be “happy hour” prices and $1 from each drink sold will go to the Fire Fund
There will also be a 50/50 raffle with proceeds going to the Fire Fund
Complimentary appetizers and jazz performance.

Please don’t hesitate to call our office with any questions (216) 575-0920.

Thank you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

garrett making art on youtube‏

here's a video of me making a painting start to finish, edited down to about 2 min. check it!

“the drawing show” will be open for Tremont Artwalk

Asterisk Gallery Proudly Presents:

“the drawing show”

curated by Dana L. Depew

Show runs through June 26

draw•ing (drô ng)
1. The act or an instance of drawing.
a. The art of representing objects or forms on a surface chiefly by means of lines.
b. A work produced by this art.

a visual exploration into the concept and process of drawing.

Featuring works by:

Julie Friedman
Tim Herron
Ron Johnston
Mark Keffer
Tom Kochheiser
Peter Green
Jacob Wesley Lang
Michael Loderstedt
Liz Maugans
Brian Pierce
Darice Polo
Scott Radke
David Simmerer
Sarah Sutton
Larry Zuzik

Show runs through June 26
Hrs by appt
2393 Professor Ave. in historic Tremont

Brandt Gallery - Jayce Renner Curve Sets OPENING FRIDAY JUNE 12

Brandt Gallery - Jayce Renner Curve Sets OPENING FRIDAY JUNE 12
art openings Friday night
Host: Brandt Gallery
Date: Friday, June 12, 2009
Time: 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Brandt Gallery
Street: 1028 Kenilworth
City/Town: Cleveland, OH

Phone: 2166211610

DescriptionCurve Sets [Information Art] - work by Jayce Renner

Opens ArtWalk Friday June 12th 6 - 10 p.m.
runs through June 30th

Renner's current body of work in the show “Curve Sets [Information Art]” originated from a desire to programmatically make images and an overall interest in how art intersects with technology.

The custom software Renner wrote to generate the images reads a set of numeric inputs that he creates for each image. The numbers define information needed to make the image including one or more Bézier curves, along with the starting position, thickness, and color for each curve, and the rate of change (or delta) for each number. All of the images spawn entirely from the initial set of numbers. This process is deterministic, meaning that a given set of inputs will always produce the same image.

The show's title contains the term "information art". By this Renner means that the information behind the art is more important than the physical art object itself. (This parallels conceptual art, which holds that the idea behind the artwork is more important than its physical realization.)

My BFA Show and Beth Bryan Mastroianni

My BFA Show and Beth Bryan Mastroianni
Since you didn't see it at the Wasmer, you can see it at my gallery!
Host: Mastroianni Photography and Arts
Start Time: Friday, June 12, 2009 at 5:00pm
End Time: Friday, August 7, 2009 at 10:10pm
Location: Mastroianni Photography/Mastroianni Arts
Street: 2688 West 14th St.
City/Town: Cleveland, OH
Phone: 2162356936

This is Cleveland - All the Stuff I See

This is Cleveland - All the Stuff I See
Exhibit Opening Party
Low Life Gallery
Friday, June 12, 2009
7:00pm - 11:00pm
Low Life Gallery
16001 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH

DescriptionThe concept is:

30 people were given disposable cameras with 27 exposures to document their Cleveland over a 14 day period.

The photographs were developed and a small exhibit committee selected the 16 best photos from each person.

The first time the photographers will see their work will be at the opening night reception.

Invited artists include:

Heather Young
Marlee Brown
Steve Barrett
Leigh from Pink Eye
Genna P. from Messy Magazine
Justin Vaughn
The Sign Guy
Jeff Koski
Miss "Carol" Firecracker
Bob Peck
Leah Stephanic
Dave Desimone
Leia from the Afternoon Naps
Chris from Grays Auction
Kustom Pink
Mallorie Freemen
Joshua Rex
Ryan from SGS
Rick Sans
John G.
Ray from the Helper T Cells
Ryann Guitar Anderson
Melanie from Music Saves
Bill Rupnik
Phoebe Marie

The reception promises to be a BLAST, thanks to all the energy the participating artists bring and, perhaps more important, the free beer Pabst is donating. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paintings & Sculpture from the Wit of Melanie Newman

Paintings & Sculpture from the Wit of

Melanie Newman

A graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art in 2007, Melanie Newman's first Solo show

combines sculpture, paintings, and an interactive electronic element that is

controlled by temperature and motion. Newman's transparent "honesty" mixed

with her often use of iconic images reflects a sarcastic, brightly-colored vision of a

darker subject matter ... human condition ... and invites the audience to explore

their own emotional response to experience.

This is a show NOT TO BE MISSED!

Grand Opening: Friday June 12th 2009

6pm til...

Closing Party: Sunday June 28th 2009


Gallery open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and by appointment.

Hosted by:

The Doubting Thomas Gallery

856 Jefferson Ave



Works In Progress Symposium June 20

Works-In-Progress (WIP) is a year-long three part program at Zygote Press for professional artists to present and discuss their work, and to benefit from exchange with other artists and arts professionals in an open and productive forum. Five free WIP critique sessions took place between August 2008 - May 2009. A culminating exhibition of participants will be held on June 19, 2009 with a reception from 6-9. To conclude the yearlong program, a professional
development Symposium will take place on Saturday , June 20, 2009 and will have panelists speaking about professional practices, marketing and promotions, gallery representation, residencies and other topics related to our field.

Join us Saturday, June 20th for numerous invigorating and revealing panel discussions about experiences artists have had trying to grow and prosper in the art world. The panels will discuss pertinent issues relevant to all visual artists working within the cultural community of Northeast Ohio and beyond. Panelists* will articulate their specific experiences regarding the practice of making and marketing work, alternative and nontraditional venue options, and gallery representation and residency opportunities.

Cost: $25

Register: please call 216.621.2900

Registration Deadline: June 13th

Accessibilty: Both panel locations ADA accessible

Click Here to View Full Bios

The symposium kicks off at Zygote Press at 9:30 for coffee and welcoming remarks. The morning panels at 10:30 occur simultaneously** at Zygote Press and the Wooltex Gallery. Lunch break*** is at 12:00. The afternoon panels at 1:00 occur simultaneously at Zygote Press and the Wooltex Gallery. The final panel will be held at Zygote Press at 3:00 followed by a program wrap-up party at 4:30. Bring your business cards to exchange at the networking party.

*Visit for panelist bios.

**Choose to attend the panel(s) you are most interested in for both morning + afternoon sessions.

***BYOL: Bring a brown bag lunch; Zygote will have several drink options available. Or pick up something at Artefino, which is adjacent to the Wooltex Gallery [].



Sung Jin Choi (Brooklyn, NY)
May 15 – June 12

Evan Larson (Dearborn, MI)
June 19 – July 17, 2009

Don't miss Sung Jin Choi's Amient Sound in its final week (on view through June 12). Choi constructed an intricate kinetic installation composed of found objects. The artist includes a number of pristine ceramic slip-cast vessels combined with auditory elements using the viewer as a catalyst for the installation to come to life.

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Using techniques such as plaster carving, mold-making, and woodworking, Evan Larson manipulates the existing structures within the gallery to create a seemingly-organic and often ephemeral space of neutrality between object and viewer within institutional dynamics.

May 15–July 17, 2009
SPACES World Artists Program>>
May 15–July 17, 2009

Congratulations to Alex Henry and Liz Maugans, winners of the fabulous Park-and-Ride RTA passes for all of June.

Take me to your leader: Join SPACES as we invade Cleveland's art venues in search of challenging work to tackle and discuss. Participants will learn how to fearlessly analyze and talk about contemporary art. Learn more ...

Art Museum Directors' Roundtable: Friday, June 19, 2009 at 2:00 PM
The Plain Dealer and WVIZ/PBS ideastream are co-hosting a lively forum focusing on the dynamic and complex relationships between art museums and their communities.

The forum will be hosted by ideastream's Dee Perry; Plain Dealer art and architecture reporter Steven Litt will moderate.

Panelists include: Timothy Rub, Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art; Mitchell D. Kahan, Director of the Akron Art Museum; Sherri Geldin, Director of the Wexner Center for the Arts; Don Bacigalupi, Director of Toledo Museum of Art.



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