Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dana Depew submissions for Mayhem exhibiton

Attached are a few images of the work I will be exhibiting at the Mayhem show opening May 2 at Lowlife Gallery. 2 pieces will be lightboxes. One will consist of plastic flies obtained at a local dollar store, adhered to plexiglass and enclosed in lightbox. Object is then retrofitted with incandesent light fixtures and flicker bulbs and entitled " Firefly". Second lightbox is a glow in the dark plastic skeletons adhered to plexiglass and enclosed in a wooden lightbox. The object is retrofitted with flicker bulbs and blacklite and entitled "28 Skeletons". The 2 collage pieces are hazmat stickers arranged in a manner that the patterns resemble a quilt. These will be made larger and more elaborate patterns in later works.