Thursday, October 28, 2010

Asterisk Gallery/ Dana Depew Gallery/ Garage Sale

Starting on Sat Nov 6 - I will be having a garage/gallery sale. I have closed the gallery and will be moving out of Tremont.   Furniture, lots and lots of artwork, memorabilia, and other weird stuff I have collected over the years. This would be a great opportunity to obtain artwork for gifts for the upcoming holiday season or to add to your collection.

- tons and tons of artwork by Dana Depew large scale paintings, sculptures, found objects assemblages, collages, etc

-A turn of the century medical examination table - complete with medical instruments.

- couches, chairs

-lamps - lots of lamps



I will be posting images of works for sale regularly and you want to buy something before the sale starts just email me back and it is yours.

the dates for this sale will be

Sat Nov 6 - noon until 5pm

Fri Nov 12 - 6 - 10pm for the nov artwalk

Sat Nov 13 - noon until 5pm

or by appt 330-304-8528

I will need to have everything out by Dec 1

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Skulls and Revolution @ Wall Eye Gallery

Skulls & Revolution!

Opening Reception:

Friday Oct. 29th 6 – 11pm

On Friday October 29th , 2010, Wall Eye Gallery will present Skulls & Revolution! organized by Alejandro Rivera and Dante Rodriguez. Recognizing the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, this exhibition explores the current socio-political relationship between the U.S. and Mexico as seen through the works of the following Northeast Ohio Artists:

Gadi Zamir • Dante Rodriguez • Alejandro Rivera • Beth Whalley • Alex Kelly • Stephanie Lipscomb • Rich Cihlar • Hector Castellanos Lara • Lauren Voss • The Sign Guy • Alexander Corona • Jeff Hulligan • Dominic Scibilia • Laura Skehan • Ralph Mercado Jr. • Stephanie Ayala • Jim Englemann • Greg Ruffing • Joe Ayala • Dana Depew • Joshua Rex • Jeff Finley • Barbara Konrad • Hannah Verbeuren • Aaron Koehn • Wendy Mahon • Michael Abarca • Kyle Kershner • Todd Hoak • Claudio Orso-Giacone • Kimberly Grice • Linda Ayala • Peter Billington • Bob Peck • Chris Kulcsar • Ben Haehn • Rafael Valdivieso Troya • Melissa Orberdoester • Jacob Wesley Lang • Augusto Bordelois • Adam Dumont • Jason Rudolph

Also open November 6th and 7th is The 6th Annual Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) Celebration at the Cleveland Public Theatre East Campus 6205 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland OH 44102. For more info about this celebration, call 216.235.0811 or go to

new work for upcoming exhibiton

Dana L. Depew

oil, acrylic, automotive enamel, tile adhesive on canvas
5' 11" x 3' 10 1/2"

nearly finished work for the upcoming "Skulls and Revolution" exhibition at Wall Eye Gallery. This piece consists of an exact replica of Jasper Johns "Three Flags". The piece is inverted to represent a distress. The blue color field of the Ame...rican flag is substituted with the flag of Mexico (1934 - 1968) in which the eagle is substituted with the pirate Jolly Roger flag.