Sunday, May 2, 2010

" The I of the Test @ Riffe Gallery in Columbus

This exhibit will open on Thurs and I will be exhibiting 3 pieces that I have spent the last 4 months producing. 

This exhibition features the work of 16 Ohio artists who use words as the driving force to create an experience around the myriad associations and meanings of text. The artists focus on the ways that the meaning of text and our interaction with it are transformed by current events, technology, socioeconomic status and race.

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Drawn and Quartered Part ll: Saturday, May 8th, 7-10 at Asterisk Gallery in Tremont

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Location: Asterisk Gallery, 2939 Professor Street, Tremont, Cleveland, OH / (330)-304-8528

We would love to see you ALL there. Any artist who are not on a team are welcome to come and draw and enter a separate contest for guests, prizes given at the end of the evening! Bring yer sketchpads and weapons of mass drawings. If you don't draw, but love art, having a few drinks, mingling, and havin fun, please, come on out, and bring your friends! Feel free to put this on your blogs, or websites, we want to share this great event with as many people as possible!

Teams of artists will compete against each other during timed drawing

sessions. This year's event will have a 2-hour long pose, and eight 5

to 20 minute short pose events including: moving models; best likeness;

odd angle; draw the crowd; and blind contour. The drawing is fast, fun,

furious, and extremely competitive,... with every artist utilizing all of

their talents and tricks!

Announcing Teams and Artist's:

Murray Hill Group led by Deb Steytler with artists Juan
Quirarte, Adam Pate, Ken Talley, Jeff Suntala, and Jack Flotte.

Team Dr. Sketchy led by Dr. Aaron (Aaron Erb) and Dr. Jason (Jason Tilk) with artists
Vanessa O'Brien, Ron Kretsch, Mark Overlow, Jim Janek, and Erin Schechtman

Pretentious Artists of Tremont led by Tim Herron with artists Jim Gerber, Larry Zuzik,
and Jeff Scolaro.

Utrekkers from Utrecht Art Supplies led by Beth A. Bryan with artists: Beth Yurich, Nick
Gulan, Gennifer Bone, Jose Estrada, and Shannon Hope Meeks.

Live models, contests, fabulous prizes, loud audience clapping, hooting,
and rooting for their favorite team and artists, and this year, we will have rotating judges, including the audience and teams. Think wide world of wrestling meets art

school meets cabaret.

The audience will have a chance to draw as well, supplies provided. Donation for drinks

available; music, and entertainment including dancers and caricatures

available for the audience to enjoy.

Michael Salinger will return as this year's Emcee!

The event will be photographed by Alex Rivera of Alejandro Rivera Photography.

A short film of the event will be shot and edited by Dennis Yurich of Yurich Creative.

Prizes sponsored by: Prizm;

Utrecht Art Supplies Cleveland;

SPACE INVADERS - The Big Invasion: Columbus

The Big Invasion: Columbus

Saturday, May 15, Depart from SPACES at 9:30 a.m./Arrive in Columbus around 11:30 a.m.

Participants have the option to ride with SPACES or meet the group in Columbus (dependant upon price option). A detailed agenda will be emailed to each participant of the Columbus Invasion.

The Wexner Center for the Arts / The Riffe Gallery

Have you ever visited a museum or gallery and found some of the work hard to grasp? Have you left an exhibition thinking that the art is simply from another world—one that is exclusionary and difficult to navigate? Join SPACES as we invade Northeast Ohio's (and beyond) art venues ready to tackle and discuss challenging work. Participants will learn how to fearlessly analyze and talk about contemporary art through SPACES' popular program Space Invaders. of the invasions as open critiques and evaluations of what you see—an opportunity to hash out what is (or isn't) successful. Discover the best ways to approach and talk about different media and concepts. You will then be equipped to stride into any contemporary museum or gallery with confidence.