Saturday, October 11, 2008

River Gallery is honored to be exhibiting artwork by Nina Vivian Huryn

River Gallery is honored to be exhibiting artwork by Nina Vivian Huryn.

This exhibit opens Saturday, Oct 18 12-8pm.

This exhibit of new work features a few of her older significant pieces, which give an idea of how she has refined her technique, and how her imagery has become richer and more provocative.

Forgotten and discarded things, with a patina of rust and wear, become important details of her work. Huge wall pieces of tooled leather tell a story, not unlike the cells of a graphic novel/comic.

Here a story of life and death emerges, a subject so old (32,000 years ago for the Palaeolithic artist's cave paintings in Lascaux, France), it is instinctive to us all.

But her work is more subtle than the black and white of life and death. Similar to the retablos, sculptures central in the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, her work has skeletons with a life and a world all their own. A mirror world to ours, that comments on our foibles and manners, gently chides us for wasting time, and lovingly guides us to the afterlife. In her work there is the living world and another place that is something other than life.

This theme is evident in the 'The Baby', an ornate burial shroud for a child. A small shell for the body is decorated with found pieces patterned around the shape. This is placed on a fabric and leather quilt, each corner of which are tooled leather scenes of skeletons guiding, teaching and raising this baby with love and tenderness.

You may know Ms. Huryn's artwork from the Day of the Dead installations at Convivium Gallery.
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