Saturday, March 13, 2010

“Galloping Gertie” - video installation, as part of the Bridge Project

“Galloping Gertie” - video installation, as part of the Bridge Project, dimensions variable, 2009. A site- specific installation that consisted of multiple images and video projections of historical bridge collapses including the Tahoma Narrows Bridge in 1940 and most recently the I-35W located in Minnesota. These images were projected against the existing white subway tile and also were also broadcast on multiple televisions that were scattered on the floor amongst concrete rubble and debris. The intent of this piece was to create an environment that forces the viewer to concentrate on their immediate surroundings. The ultimate effect was to raise awareness and concern of the potential hazard that the adjacent Main Avenue Bridge holds. The Main Avenue Bridge has the same design as the I-35W and has become the target of much public scrutiny because of its current state of disrepair