Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Standing Rock Cultural Arts WHAT: New World Children's Theatre Playwriting Workshop

Greetings, For Immediate Release: WHO: Standing Rock Cultural Arts WHAT: New World Children's Theatre Playwriting Workshop WHEN: Saturday, January 10, 2009. 2-3pm WHERE: North Water Street Gallery, 257 N. Water St., Kent, Ohio SIGN-Up Jeff @ 330-673-4970 AGES: 7 -17. Maximum Students: 10 -More Students are added once the play is written and the production begins in April. -Production Workshop includes Scene Painting, Acting, Lighting, Sound Design, Stage Management, and Promotional Materials (fliers, posters, programs) Cost: $200.00 Per Student Arrangements can be made for low-income families. To learn more or to sign-up, contact Jeff Ingram at 330.673.4970 or The workshop will culminate in 3 performances between May 15-May 17, 2009 at The Kent Stage 175 E. Main St. Downtown Kent, OH Classes meet twice a week to write play. (Usually the sessions are3:30- 5pm on Thursdays and 2-3:30pm on Saturdays, although we are somewhat flexible.) Once the play is written, the kids meet three times a week to rehearse and create the sets for the play. The New World Children’s Theater began as The New World Puppet Theater at the North Water Street Gallery in Kent, Ohio, in January of 1993. Originally, it was comprised of home-school children. Throughout the years , however, it has grown to include public-schooled children as well. Eventually, the troupe outgrew the puppets and the ensemble became The New World Children’s Theater, which has produced 23 plays since 1994. In addition to the emphasis on original playwriting, the company is dedicated to using recycled materials in the construction of its sets and props. This fosters an understanding of a sustainable planet as well as an understanding of how to work with limited resources. The only requirement is an active imagination. The New World Children’s Theatre is always looking for donations to support students from low income families as well as our ongoing activities. Donations are tax deductible and can be made to Standing Rock Cultural Arts, 257 N. Water St., Kent, Ohio 44240. Images of past performances can be viewed at Thank you for supporting the kids. Jeff Ingram/Director New World Children’s Theatre 257 N. Water St. Kent, OH 44240 330-673-4970 NEW WORLD CHILDREN’S THEATRE HISTORY 1. One for the Money, Two for the Show 1993 2. Her Child, Her Master 1993 3. Erie 1994 4. The Face of Fear 1995 5. Juliette’s Balcony 1995 6. The Butterfly Princess 1995 7. East of the Sun, West of the Moon 1996 8. The Case of the Canine Kidnap Caper 1996 9. Ruckus in Portage County 1996 10. Attack of the Killer Coral 1996 11. Bizzare 1997 12. Return to Atlantis 1998 13. Ironic Mousse 1999 14. Skits-o-phrenia 1999 15. The Tycoon 2000 16. Channel Zero 2001 17. Le Poulet Sans Tete 2002 18. The Giving Tree (original adaptation) 2003 19. Zoo Escape 2004 20. Wild Things 2005 21. Island of Stray Cats 2006 22. Fits vs. Fats 2007 23. Elyia and The Ghosts of The Missing Animals 2008