Saturday, October 25, 2008

childhood memories of Cleveland

Other things only a Clevelander would know/appreciate


1) "The Interception"
2) "The Drive"
3) "The Fumble"
4) Cleveland stadium mustard
5) The Prize Movie
6) Superhost
7) Dick Goddard
8) Wooly Bears
9) Big Chuck and Houlihan/Little John
10) Michael Stanley Band
11) Calling KFC "Kenny Kings" (may be a Mentor thing, not sure)

Here's a few:

1. Kid Leo
2. Lawsons (you can still see all of those distinctive, ugly buildings everywhere...but now they're Dairy Marts, etc...)
3. Jose Mesa
4. Barnaby
5. Beaucoup (anyone remember that 80s band?)
6. "Garfield1-2323" jingle
7. "Riverfest"..the city screwed up big time by cancelling that thing
8. "Miracle of Richfield"
9. The Colliseum
10. 10 cent beer night
11. Who killed Danny Greene?

p.s. Superhost Rocked...and the "certain ethnic" jokes on Big Chuck and Houlihan/Little John we're hilarious

I forgot about Barnaby! And who could forget the Coliseum, with the worst acoustics of any arena in the country! Three other things that I miss about Cleveland: Mr. Hero, Millbrook Bread, and Cherikee Red Pop (Cotton Club?).