Friday, October 24, 2008


curated by Dana L. Depew
A visual roast of this glorious city by Cleveland artists
If you cannot laugh at yourself, you cannot laugh at all. Just think
of the overwhelming cabbage smell of grandma’s house, the Big Chuck and Little John show on a black and white television with tinfoil on the antenna, etc.
The work exhibited is produced solely by Cleveland artists to emit that bleak perspective of a Clevelander. This exhibition will be a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The objective was to produce an exhibition that is a parody that promotes a self deprecating view of Cleveland by Clevelanders. The work will represent or depict Cleveland in some way, shape, or form. Think more of a less positive Harvey Pekarian viewpoint, burnt perogies, , the continual grief and despair we feel each and every day, the adverse effect our sports teams have on our mental state, our bleak and depressing outlook on life, etc, etc, all the good things.
The opening reception will be complete with a live polka style performance covering all the great Cleveland inspired hits like – Bernie, Bernie, Cleveland Rocks, The Heart of Rock n Roll, etc. Sauerkraut and kielbasa will be available and will be slow cooked overnight to give the gallery that special sensory smell we are all accustomed to being from Cleveland.
Opening Reception - Friday, Nov 14th., 6-10pm. Show runs through Dec. 6th

opening reception Friday Nov 14, 2008 from 6-11pm
show runs through Dec 6, 2008
hrs by appt

Joe Ayala
Zachary Hart Baker
Josh Banaszak
Matt Bartel
Jason Byers
Amy Casey
Bruno Casiano
Jeffry Chiplis
Cleveland SGS
Munroe Copper
Pedro Dell
Eileen Dorsey
Stephe DK
Bridget Ginley
John Howitt
James Hurley
Beth Kappa
Mark Keffer
Ryan Jaenke
Noel Maitland
Jerry Mann
Sam Mazzola
Doug Meyer
James Miles
Lou Muenz
Frank Oblak
Scott Pickering
Arabella Proffer
Donald Rogers
Thom Rossino
John Ryan
Anna Tararova
Jess Samuelson
Dott Schneider
Debra Shepherd
Paul Sydorenko
RA Washington
Chris Zahner