Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Referential – Homage, Montage, Sabotage"

Asterisk Gallery Proudly Presents:

"Referential – Homage, Montage, Sabotage"

(Videos based on other artworks)

curated by Cynthia Penter

Opening Reception March 12, 6 - 11pm

Referential: Homage. Montage. Sabotage. will be an exhibition of video loops based on an original artwork from another medium. The show is being curated and organized by Cynthia Penter, a local media artist, with the assistance of Dana Depew, the gallery’s owner. “I asked a group of artists to make a short looping video about a master artwork or artist which they either love or hate. I wanted their response to the artwork and to see them transform the originating piece into the medium of video, displayed appropriately for a gallery experience. I wanted to see the 2D and 3D art brought to life.”

The artists have been encouraged to treat the work with any approach they desire. They can study and recreate the piece, they can deconstruct or reconstruct its ideas or intentions, or they can satirize or critically treat the artwork. The idea of tableaux vivants was also recommended as a method for the recreations.

Tableau vivant (correct plural: tableaux vivants) is French for "living picture." The term describes a striking group of suitably costumed actors or artist's models, carefully posed and often theatrically lit. Throughout the duration of the display, the people shown do not speak or move.* The approach thus marries the art forms of the stage with those of painting/photography, and as such it has been of interest to modern photographers.

Pictures of this sort are sometimes casually called "staged photography," but this is an imprecise term – since the simple posing of fashion models in the street is also 'staged photography'. Tableau vivant is a more precise term to use, if the staged picture obviously draws on the traditions and conventions of either the theatre or painting. Observe also that early photography involved exposure times in the minutes, so that there was the need to hold a pose.

The 30 artists invited to participate included students, former students, and friends of Penter, as well as video artists from other states. All were invited based on previous work and to share in what Penter hopes will be a fun and engaging art experience.

Participating Artists:

Robert Banks

Matt Bartel

Kristin Bly-Rogers

Derek Carney

Amanda Cates

Kevin Coyne

Dana Depew

Shannon English

Andrew Fenske

R Ferris

Lillian Goodwin

Dustin Grella

Jody Hawk

Ben Hardin

Noah Hrbek

Mark Hughes

Patsy Kline

Zak Long

Mark Lyman

Jerry Mann

Maria Miranda

Jeff Morrison

Michelle Murphy

Vince Packard

Cynthia Penter

Lauren Sammon

Kevin Shahan

Andrew Strasser

Marc Tomko

Lauren Voss

Daiv Whaley

Adri Wichert

show runs through April 3, 2010

hrs by appt