Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Exit Strategy" found object sculpture

For the past several weeks I have been obtaining old exit signs that have been reclaimed from abandoned buildings in downtown Cleveland. They have been repaired and retrofitted with led and compact florescent lighting to replace the higher wattage incandescent fixtures. I found an old wooden grandfather clock and mounded scavenged plywood around the structure to use as a foundation. Then I began assembling the lights on the frame in an aesthetic manner keeping in mind that boxes would need to be able to open freely and unobstructed in order to be able to change the bulbs. The piece will then be disassembled and the boxes and faces will be painted camouflage. When finished this piece will be 7' 1" tall and 4' 2" tall and will be exhibited at the Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio as part of the "I of Text" exhibition curated by Liz Maugans.