Thursday, November 20, 2008

Contact: Hannah Verbeuren

November 20, 2008


Cleveland, OH November 20, 2008:

The holidays aren’t always the happiest time of year!
Nestled within a seemingly festive family ritual burrows the buckle of an anxious stomach or the pop of frustrated knuckles. Therefore, in both holiday merriment and perplexity, Low Life Gallery is kicking off the holiday season with a collection of artists who have put a magnifying glass to the otherwise obscure holiday sentiment.

In the name of our profound love/hate relationship with the season, observe an endearingly twisted group show that bears a warped rendition of the classic American holiday.

Featured artists include but are not limited to:
Amanda Davidson
Chris Kulscar
Ed Boyle

Hannah Verbeuren
Gabriel Van Horn

K. Stewart
Kerry Lange

MalPractice U.J.

Mik Mackey

Low Life Gallery
16001 Waterloo Road

Cleveland, OH 44110

Opening Reception

Friday, November 28th, 2008
7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Hannah Verbeuren and Kerry Lange recently curated “Crying Polyester Peckers” their first show in a series of shows that include multiple artists attacking a common theme from their own idiosyncratic perspective.

Kerry and Hannah have started a different approach to independent art shows by setting up shows that keep their work and subject matter fresh and contemporary. “We want to keep ourselves and our audience interested or inspired” says Hannah, “by choosing one topic, then creating the art around that theme, we initiate a challenge for ourselves and the artists we chose to work with. For us, this formula is more stimulating than simply compiling a regurgitation of our past work.”

"Crying Polyester Peckers" opened to an encouraging crowd of 100 plus art lovers/Clevelanders and took sightseers on a journey into the unconventional world of John Waters.

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Hannah Verbeuren Photography

Kerry Lange

Low Life Gallery

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